Marketing & Growth

The marketing module of Skoolight allows centre operators to create online campaigns simply,
to publish them via multiple effective channels,
and to track the leads they gain.

Easy Usage

With campaign templates, customised content, small trial class setup, it has never been so easy to design and promote your centre through multiple online channels, to your email list, blogs, or portals. Still, the system helps you target the right audience with increasing accuracy, largely saving your effort and time in doing on your own!

Leads Tracking

Sometimes people walk in, and sometimes they may call. How do you follow up when you find those who may be interested? Remember, untimely follow-up is a bad action to avoid. Skoolight's leads tracking system allows you to figure out your daily tasks with your potential customers. With it you will never miss any chance to help your centre grow.

Mini-Site Showcase

Wondering how to brand your school? The answer will be clearer if you check out here your mini-site created by Skoolight automatically. The mini-site not only collects and summarises all the campaigns you've created but also showcases your features and specialities. With more campaigns published, you gain your fame with a higher ranking in search engine results.

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