How to Create Your
Online Campaigns?

Skoolight is a smart and data-driven growth solution for future education insitutions. We believe your education business can grow sustainably with Skoolight's end-to-end services that aim at every detail within students' lifecycle. As part of the Skoolight system, online campaign creation and publication has been significant in generating new leads, which can later be turned into enrolled students. Here are the steps you may follow to create your first online student acquisition campaign.

1/ Creating A Banner Image

An attractive banner image is the cornerstone of your campaign's popularity. In the current version of Skoolight, we recomment you to use photos with high resolutions, and a size at 1200 × 628. So far, according to our experiences, the best performing banners represent your real class environments as well as the interactions between teachers and students. Polishments with photo editing tools are preferred, but the kernel remains showing what's really going on.

Here's the page where you can add your banner image:

The following banners serve as well-performing models:

At present, you will have to design the banner image by yourself. However, in the future, we will make it less burdensome by providing some high resolution photos for you to choose, thereby reducing your work.

2/ Adding A Title And Descriptions

A succinct though informing title is the key to your success. Be prepared to compose one that make people interested! Then, you will be able to add some descriptions to help your audience better understand your idea.

The content created in Step 1 and 2 gives your audience a first impression regarding your classes/activities. Therefore, it is essential to make it right.

3/ Adding Photos

Photos provide clearer views of your services. Hence, it is important for your photos to represent what exactly will take place at your center so that your audience's expectations can be managed at a proper level. Nicely taken reality-reflecting photos, as we found out, can boost the conversion rates by at least 60%, compared with randomly chosen pictures from the web.

/4 Providing Trial Class Sessions

It is a good practice to arrange trial class sessions that students can directly book, so that they will be able to think less when making the decision. With the registration button shown on this landing page created on Skoolight, the school operators can free their hands from tedious work.

5/ Choosing Your Audience Group

With a properly chosen audience group, your ads will be delivered to those who are potential customers of yours. Meanwhile, Skoolight will help disseminating your campaign via multiple channels and lifestyle portals in order to maximise the outreach, and as a result, improve your conversion rates. The campaign's effectiveness can be tracked real-timely on your dashboard, as in the following picture:

It's now done! Isn't it simple and convenient? With Skoolight's online marketing module, you are expecting to obtain 2 - 4 leads within a one-week campaign, which costs $50.

Still, as we are currently promoting Skoolight, you will be able to try the system for free in a month's period, together with a free one-week campaign quota, which operates as aforementioned.

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