What is Skoolight?

Skoolight, the smart and data-driven solution to school growth,
provides end-to-end services on daily operations and marketing for centre owners.
Our motto is, "You just do the teaching, and let us take care of the rest."

Skoolight strives to help smaller, starting schools or centres grow, by providing end to end services that take care of the whole students' lifecycle, from marketing and enrollment to management and tracking. The system is designed and crafted by one of the best product teams in Singapore, and is gaining its popularity not only locally, but also in surrounding regions like Malaysia.

Various kinds of administrative tasks can be performed in Skoolight. Teacher assessment, student progress monitoring, scheduling classes, marking attendances, generating invoices, arranging makeup lessons, and so on. These fantastic features greatly lessen your burden.

Skoolight also cherishes its marketing module, in which users are to create customised online campaigns. The system helps disseminate those campaigns via various channels, and optimise the target audience so as to make sure the right person will be reached.

All in all and on the whole, Skoolight is definitely an ideal choice for those who want to boost their starting education business. It is smart, data-driven, and easy-to-handle. Grab this opportunity to register for a free 30-day trial in the promotion period!

The Skoolight Team

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